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Now in the Windows Phone Marketplace

kiddori was certified by Microsoft a couple of days ago and it has now been published in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s a pleasure to offer kiddori to all you Windows Phone users. To add to the positive feedback kiddori has been getting in the Apple App Store, I’m looking forward to hear the Windows Phone feedback as well.

Here is the direct link for kiddori in the Marketplace:

Enjoy! :-)


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For Kids and Adults

When I came up with the idea for kiddori my thought was that it would be used to keep track of the ages, birthdays and other kids info. Our family often buy gifts for nieces, nephews, and friends’ kids. However, many kiddori users are telling me they love to use it for their adult friends and relatives as well.

That’s right. There is nothing that is stopping you from using it for adults. kiddori works just as good for adults as it does for kids. :-)

Thank you all who have downloaded and are using kiddori on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The future will bring interesting updates to the app.

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The bottom field on the entry page in the kiddori app is open to everything you want to type. Be creative! You can use it to enter what you have given the kid previous times, previous sizes, if they are big or small, etc. Anything you want to remember about the kid can be entered there. No restrictions…as long as you don’t type a novel. 😉

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Hello world!

Welcome to kiddori! Stay tuned and you will soon get an app you have wanted all along. Planning to be released on iPhones, Windows Phones, and Androids near you. :-)

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